Lala akkiraz

Appeal of the head of the company

Lala Akkiraz Interiors possesses the concept of design directed to the person, who gives preference to art and science, builds his future on the basis of mutual influence between the past and today. The company with the private and public purpose has subscribed for implementation of projects in small and large scales. We impart our knowledge and experience in this sphere with all of you for the purpose of realization of the design at the highest level. We equally seriously and attentively approach the performance of design of both separately taken object, and complex structure. The company being founded by Lala and Emre Akkiraz besides internal design, also plans production of furniture. We wish you the days full of fine designs. Sincerely,
Lala &Emre Akkiraz



Gunay Gunay



Design is a limited version of our craziness. It does not free you from thinking inside the box. It causes you to throw out the old box, define a new box and create within that.

Yuliya Yuliya



What is necessary for the person for his comfortable accommodation in the house? An ideal combination of textures and color scale, originality of forms, lack of excess decors and objects and also a correct arrangement of furniture, which helps to move comfortably and harmoniously not only to people, but the energy in the house as well.

Vugar Vugar



The professional designer is simply obliged to possess the first-class sense of style, art taste and vision of the final result. He has to be guided perfectly in styles, monitor new trends and develop permanently.

Ismət Ismət



Architecture is an art. Architecture forms thoughts of the person, it forms emotions of the person. And the thoughts, which are born in our minds, depend on the kind of the walls we are surrounded by.

Ayşə Ayşə



The harmony of esthetics and functionality is important for successful implementation of the project. The designer has to be able not only to realize ideal ideas of the customer of the interior, but also quite often convince him to make more constructive decisions by explaining his ideas with available language.

Irada Irada


general manager

The design surrounds us everywhere. The ability to make the world more beautiful is appreciated more and the main objective of the design is to become harmonious and to balance technically between esthetic beauty, practicality, price and functionality what we aspire to.

Nizami Nizami



Perhaps, simplicity is the most important in architecture. Simplicity of forms also demands to give them excellent proportions, which would bring necessary harmony.

Cahangir Cahangir